August 20, 2018

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2511 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167
Phone: 972-938-3247

Screams® is Haunted Houses and a whole lot more!

For 2018 Screams® has completely transformed with 5 all new haunted houses and added scores of haunting new characters that will heighten your fear every moment that you are near!

Come experience the Cursed…the witches of TerraMythica Castle, PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos, Captain Baraborsas’ Blood Harbor, Hotel D’Feers and the Zombie Wasteland…Apocalypse. You will also meet the cast of haunting new characters that will find you when you least expect it!

Plus there is live entertainment, Scary-Oke, games of skill, a food court, pubs and more that provide the ultimate Halloween experience!




  • Zombie Wasteland

    Do you dare tempt fate… will you come out alive… FOR THE UNDEAD AWAIT! Only time will tell as you take the ominous journey into the terrifying twists and turns of the Zombie Wasteland.

  • Castle of the Doomed

    Take your chances as you are thrust into the depths of fear & desolation in this post-apocalyptic world as the dehumanized inhabitants of this hopelessly doomed civilization try to prevent your escape!

  • 3-D Pirates of Peril Point

    Fear takes on a whole new meaning in 3-D! Embark on this spine-chilling adventure of ghost pirates, sea monsters and other terrors of the seas as you navigate through the Pirates of Peril Point! Can you make it back to the safety of dry land?!

  • Hotel of Horror

    When you check in to the Hotel of Horror, you may never check out! Fear lurks around every corner as you try to find your way out through the narrow hallways, hidden passageways and possessed guests of the Hotel of Horror. They don’t ever want you to leave!

  • CarnEvil Clown Maze

    Malevolent clowns from the realm of the underworld come at you from every direction – there is no place to hide! Try to escape the evil… if you can!

  • Scary-Oke

    Screams® version of karaoke. Gather your friends and sing your favorite songs at the stage near the Taboo Tavern.

  • Food Court

    The Screams® Food Court offers a variety of food choices including hot dogs, corn dogs, turkey legs, pizza, funnel cakes, and more!

  • Pubs

    Screams® has 3 Pubs for our guests who are 21+.

  • Live Music & Entertainment

    Each night, the Screams® Main Stage hosts music and entertainment including DJ's playing your favorite dance music.

  • Games of Skill

    Throwing knives and stars, paintball, a test of strength and electric chair and more can all be found near the Food Court at Screams®.

  • Full Service Restaurant & Bar

    Visit the Full Moon Café - Screams' very own full service sit down restaurant and bar.

  • Souvenir & Mask Shop

    Don't forget to visit the Souvenir & Mask Shop to purchase your Screams® souvenirs.

  • And More...

    Tarot Card Readings, Palm Readings, Wax Hands, Henna tattoos, Feather extensions, Jewelry, Temporary Tattoos, GLO products and more!

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2511 FM 66 waxahachie, TX 75167
Phone: 972-938-3247
fax: 972-938-1890

from Dallas:

Take I-35E South to Exit 399A
Go west on FM66 1.6 miles

from Fort Worth:

Take Hwy 287 South to I-35E South
Take I-35E South to Exit 399A
Go west on FM66 1.6 miles

from Austin or Waco:

Take I-35E North to Exit 399
Go west on FM66 1.6 miles

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