5 Haunted Houses

If you’re looking to take a twisted trip through the bowels of the terrifying… This bayou is for you. But Beware! If you get lost here, there’s a depraved and gruesome family that waits for poor lost folks like you… just so they can have you for dinner. Literally!

Enter at your own risk! Tick-tock goes the clock, you’re running out of time! Run, run, give it all you’ve got, Before that dreadful chime. Tick-tock goes the clock, to lose would be a crime. Run, run, give it all you’ve got, or your life’s not worth a dime!

Take a terrifying trip through the dark, horror infested halls of Terramythica Castle and experience the evil being conjured throughout its cursed, medieval corridors…

The infected have taken over. Containment is futile… Can you find your way through the wasteland of carnage? Survivors think you’re zombies, Zombies think you’re food… Good Luck!

Step right up! Step right up, and into this Diabolical Circus of the Deranged. Meet ‘Duh Mencha’ and his freakishly disturbing cast of villainous clowns. Try if you can to survive a trip through this depraved circus of madness… all in 3-D! (Yes, you wear 3-D glasses through this Haunted House!)